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360 Agrar Systeme GmbH

Mission statement

360 Agrar Systeme GmbH is a start-up founded in cooperation with Prignitzer Landschwein GmbH & Co KG by the initiators Ralf Remmert, Martin Stock, Werner Last and Prof. Bernd Bötzel.

We develop systems, technologies and procedures that are determined by resource-neutral production cycles in a circular economic system and only in this way there can be implementation of the requirements of future social, legal requirements and standards for nature conservation, environmental protection and animal welfare.

360 Agrar Systeme GmbH believes in The Circle of Life, which means the most adaptive system for the preservation of life is nature itself. “360 Agrar” stands for a technically advanced, circular economy that learns from nature. The company focuses on systematic implementation of circular economy in agriculture and food production.




Neudorf husbandry system



Agriculture of the


Portfolio and

Target groups

The “360 Agrar” advises and supports its customers in the analysis of current conditions and the development of future-proof and profitable concepts. The aim is to initiate and support the development of practical solution concepts.


  • Cultivators

  • Agricultural companies

  • Food Retail Food Retail

  • Companies in food production

  • Among other things.

Central areas include:

  • Optimisation of agricultural and food production in the system of sustainable circular economy

  • Development of sustainable logistics and local supply chains in decentralized structures

  • Development of sustainable waste recycling chains

  • Implementation of animal welfare criteria in production and marketing

  • Development of standards for animal justice

  • Establishment of decentralized structures in production and recycling chains

Furthermore, the 360 Agrar develops planning and strategy concepts for:

  • Association organisations

  • NGOs

  • Political parties

  • Government Organizations

  • Legislative and Executive

Areas of


  • Research and development

  • Project planning and system integration

  • Financing and promotion

  • Consulting

  • Training

Our scope

The conventional forms of agricultural production in arable farming and animal husbandry are in complete contrast to the requirements for nature conservation, environmental protection and animal welfare expected by society today. However, a timely exit from animal food production is unrealistic as well as a complete supply of products from organic animal husbandry or organic cultivation. A new system in agricultural production and animal husbandry must therefore be developed in order to create a mutual transition to well-thought-out, sustainable and future-proof agriculture. Nature and its cycles serve as a model for us so that we can continue to feed people and protect our planet in the future. 360 Agrar Systeme GmbH stands for circular economy and thus for the Circle of Life.






360 Agrar Consulting focuses on supporting companies and organizations interested in implementing future-proof processes and technologies in order to build, expand and optimize decentralized structures in a sustainable circular economy system.

Our consulting fields are:

  • Neudorf husbandry system (pig farming)
  • Decentralised/modular slaughter
  • Regional production and supply chains
  • Decentralized production systems
  • Sustainable recycling of residual materials and recycling chains
  • Building sustainable supply chains
  • Building supply chains for sustainable agricultural products

Competitiveness and profitability are in the foreground. Today, however, it is also about the compliance areas of current and future social, scientific and ethical standards, such as:

  • State-of-the-art processes and technologies in agricultural and food production for the benefit of humans, animals and nature
  • Sustainability through circular economy as a control mechanism for resource neutrality
  • Justice and participation from an economic and social point of view
  • Decentralisation under democratic governance
  • Mindfulness in holistically conceived progress and adaptation processes
Project Development

Our project development is focused on structural projects for sustainable, agricultural development and food production. For our customers, we design economically optimized, modular systems for animal husbandry, slaughter and waste recycling.

Our customers receive support in all areas of consulting, planning, architectural services, construction management and project management. Standardized management reduces costs and risks and our modular solutions allow fast implementation and reliable cost planning.

  1. Pigsty systems according to Ralf Remmert (Neudorfer Haltungssystem)
    – New construction and conversion
  2. Modular and sustainable solutions for poultry farming
  3. Scalable slaughterhouses for decentralised slaughter (360 farm slaughter, mobile slaughter systems, etc.)
Funding and Financing

We develop concepts for the financing and public funding of projects in decentralised agriculture, slaughter, waste recycling and other levels of sustainable development.

We support farms, project promoters and sustainable start-ups in the development of financing plans that public institutions, investors, banks, fintechs, private equity or crowdsourcing can use as building blocks for implementation.

Academy 4 future

Academy 4 future is a training area and Partner of 360 Agrar Systeme GmbH. We train and teach in the following areas:

  • Working methods in animal-friendly husbandry systems
  • Hygiene standards in animal husbandry systems
  • Further training in the meat industry
  • Working methods in sustainable residue systems

Research & Development

Dezentralized slaughter systems

Slaughter factories do not meet today’s requirements for animal welfare and animal welfare or modern sustainability criteria. In times of global pandemics (African swine fever), they are central risk factors for the food supply. 360 Agrar is therefore developing modern, modular slaughterhouses for regional, decentralised and husbandry-related slaughter systems (“farm slaughter”).

The aim is to largely avoid animal transport and to establish regional networks of modern slaughterhouses within short reach, to processing plants and consumer markets. Our project development will soon implement the first pilot projects.

Our further development is dedicated to:

  • Research into a new, animal-friendly anaesthesia
  • Development of an automated animal inspection (“360 Meat Scanner”)
Lifestock farm 2030
  • the development and introduction of new animal welfare systems
  • the development of digitally configurable, modular livestock stables
  • the development of cost-efficient system kits
  • Inclusion of sustainable, environmentally friendly residual material technologies
  • the implementation of decentralised, sustainable systems for the circular economy

Practice – from today for the future::

  • Activity as a project developer in the construction of livestock stables (see services)

Project development with its own 360 AGRAR modular system for sustainable livestock barn construction

Farming 4.0
Farming 4.0 is the agriculture of the future.

Our goal is the development of new, autonomous arable farming methods that support natural, small-scale biotopes and humus formation and combine them with economically profitable, state-of-the-art agricultural production.

In doing so, we develop new methods and techniques that avoid erosion and nutrient-poor soils and rebuild the natural resources of the soils.

Our development approaches:

  • autonomous, largely contactless arable farming methods
  • new, metrologically optimized supply systems for fertilization and irrigation
  • organic growth accelerators and natural plant-based insecticides
  • Use of historically proven and scientifically optimized permacultures
Residue Recycling

Our goal is to develop residual material products into marketable products in the circular economy – e.B. as efficient, biological fertilizers, raw materials for production processes (e.B. bioplastics) and energy recovery (e.B. in biogas plants).

The long-term goal is the complete sustainable utilization of all substances in the circular economy, whereby these processes become part of the overall economic value creation.

Our focus:

  • Optimization of flow processes
  • Development of finishing processes
  • Development of product categories, standards, sales and sales concepts
  • Raw material refining systems
  • Storage and storage systems
  • Packaging and packaging systems
  • Logistics and infrastructure
  • Internet marketplace


Neudorfer Husbandry System

The “Neudorf husbandry system” is a development for the holistic husbandry of pigs, which does not force the animals into an economically optimized production system without taking into account the natural, biological and species-appropriate criteria.

The husbandry system, which is also optimized under economic criteria, enables:


  • Largely species-appropriate husbandry
  • high level of health
  • Sustainable husbandry through optimized recycling of residual materials

The main features of the standard “Neudorfer Haltungssystem”:

  • Extensive local feed production
  • no genetically modified feed
  • no preventive use of antibiotics
  • Avoiding castration, tail docking, grinding teeth
  • no slatted floor
  • Family keeping without crate stands for the sows
  • more species-appropriate lifestyle and stress reduction for better productivity 
    • Structure and employment fodder 
    • Keeping in species-appropriate family bays
  • Full production without animal transport
  • Urinary-feces separation
  • Use of the pig toilet (Pig-T by Big Dutchman) developed by Ralf Remmert
  • 85% reduced ammonia in the barn (better environment for humans and animals)
  • short animal transports (later no animal transports – slaughter close to husbandry)
  • Residual material recycling chain without manure with the 2-phase growth-optimized feces-urine application in fertilization (no over-fertilization, no slurry tank)
Organic Waste Converter
The Organic Waste Converter is a system for the local, decentralised treatment of organic waste products generated in animal husbandry. The system processes confiscates, such as slaughterhouse waste, stillbirths, animal carcasses and body parts and other organic substances not intended for food production or other recycling areas, into a sterile, hazard-free and suitable raw material for further use.

The system is designed for local on-site use. The range of applications thus includes decentralized use:

  • for smaller slaughterhouses (slaughterhouses)
  • and in medium and large animal farms (disposal of fetuses, afterbirths, animal carcasses), such as.B. in pig farming

Due to the decentralized processing to a sterile and thus hazard-free raw material, the system makes a significant contribution to the prevention and containment of animal diseases! At the same time, it is ideally suited for sustainable meat production in a modern resource-conserving and near-natural circular economy system.

The resulting raw material can be used in a variety of ways, e.B.:

  • be recycled in biogas plants
  • be used as high-quality fertilizer
  • used as a raw material for the production of gelatine and other raw materials
  • serve as a protein supplier for feed production

Advantages compared to centralised, industrial disposal:

  • new additional local yield chains are emerging
  • Transport and disposal costs are reduced or avoided
  • the risk potential for animal diseases is significantly reduced
  • direct processing reduces odour nuisance and space requirements

360 Agriculture at a glance

  1. Development of agricultural production and husbandry systems that offer solutions because they are conceived from start to finish and thus fit into the circular economy in the long term.

  2. Development of products that enable sustainable and economically profitable production and thus offer agriculture a sustainable perspective.

  3. Development of interfaces and regulatory concepts in order to link the elements and areas of the circular economy in a resource-saving manner and to integrate them effectively into the overall process.

  4. Consulting, training and further education in all relevant areas of our service offerings.



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